Lisa Benn

Early Modern Scots Texts and Their Presentation beyond Scotland’s Borders between 1590–1615

This paper will consider the presence of Early Modern Scots texts and their presentation beyond Scotland’s borders between 1590 and 1615. It will focus on the circulation and publication of Scots texts in England, Wales and Ireland and consider whether the trans-national delivery of Scots material assisted in the development of a Scottish national and political identity in the period, both at home and abroad.

Through examination of the dissemination history of key texts and poets, including the works of James VI and those in proximity to him in the period, the paper will explore how texts originally written in Scots are subsequently presented to audiences in England, Wales and Ireland, on the Continental mainland, and indeed in the colonies. In particular, the paper will discuss, using case studies, how the use of language and other cultural identifiers were changed or maintained in different print runs. It will also consider the dates that Scots texts were printed and where these occurred in an effort to understand the purpose of differing editorial decisions, as well as the impact (or intended impact) of the print themselves.

Lisa Benn, University of Nottingham, UK